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Professional Drain Clearing Services

Trust B-N-K Plumbing with your drain clearing needs. With us, you can get main line sewer rodding done with traditional cutters, jet / hydro pressure cleaning, and video camera line inspection. We will rod, repair, or replace toilets and drains of all types in your home.

Drain Clearing Drain Clearing

When you want all the drains in your home cleaned fast, give us a call. We can clear the pipes in your home with Bio-Clean, used for clearing organic waste in drain lines.


It is comprised of all-natural enzymes that combine with water to digest the organic waste and clear your drain lines. Bio-Clean travels throughout your entire system to clear your pipes.

Efficient drain cleaning

Sometimes, main line sewer rodding just isn't enough. For bigger problems, like large roots growing in your sewer line, we’ve got you covered. Your sewer system will be treated with Root-X, a high-quality, well-trusted product.


Root-X mixes with water to create a foam that kills roots in sewer line on contact, and continues to work for up to a year.

Sewer clearing that lasts

If you have an emergency, give us a call anytime of the day.







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